Swans Through the Seasons

In Response To: Fiona and the swans (Message from Karen)

I have just been in Vancouver for a couple of days and just prior to leaving I took a 5 mile stroll around Stanley Park culminating at Lost Lagoon. There I saw Fiona feeding the swans and I have to say it was just the highlight of my afternoon to see that! It was wonderful to chat with her and learn about the pair she was feeding! It's a shame I couldn't have stayed longer but I had a flight to catch. Your website was a great source of information on the swans there. Job well done … keep up the good work! And a special thank you to the very kind and gracious Fiona! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you.

I would encourage visitors to Stanley Park to try to get to the lagoon at feeding time (I believe sometime between 1 & 3pm) … a sight to enjoy!

Mackenzie, BC
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