Swans Through the Seasons

Swans in Reverse
Sub Title:Presenting a New Perspective

After a few days’ absence, it was with happy anticipation that I came ‘round the bend in the path by the pond at Lost Lagoon, envisioning the sight of Precious and his pretty mate Marlika gliding across the pond in their usual regal splendor, lifting their heads in traditional swan welcome.

One…two more steps and … oh-oh … a VERY different salute than the one I had imagined!

Swans normally reach downward with their long necks, to glean the aquatic growth below, but every now and then where the water’s deeper, and the tasty temptations too good to pass up, they will up-end in the same way that ducks and other dabblers do. Swans can go about 30 seconds without air, then have to start the gymnastics all over again!

Getting Down to Basics