Swans Through the Seasons

Scrambled Swans!
Sub Title:Another Chapter in our Swan Soap Opera

Guaranteed sighting at Lost Lagoon, 7 days a week: Genghis Swan in full chase mode, working off all his excess energy speeding after any one of the other youngsters. Doesn’t matter which swan, as long as there’s one in escape-mode, directly ahead of him. Even Precious-the-King can’t hold a candle to Genghis’ chase record. And all this without steroids!

Genghis would probably be a much more mellow fellow if he just had a nice little mate to keep him company. Alas! The odds aren’t in his favour, with 3 mated pairs, six males “on the loose” and only one little female not yet spoken for!

Genghis, instead of maybe planning ahead in that direction, prefers to live Life on the Edge and this Wednesday was caught “making passes” at Isolde. Caught by Tristan! As you know from previous postings and our home page, Isolde is Tristan’s other half and the two are Lost Lagoon’s major lovebirds.

“Cute little” Tristan, who never strays far from Isolde’s side, got one look at his adversary lurking … and turned into Tristan the Terrible, swooping onto our would-be Don Juan Swan, in a tangle of wings, feet, bills, and splashing water.

This was all too much, even for Genghis, and once the mini tsunami had receded, he was seen gliding off to a quieter zone to put himself back together. No more chasing for at least an hour! (Neither swan was really the worse for wear – just another day in Life at Lost Lagoon!)