Swans Through the Seasons

Swan "Love Birds"
Sub Title:Tristan and Isolde Shake It Up

It was a cold December evening. Dusk had fallen, and Lost Lagoon’s swans were nearby, either floating serenely, having that last “brush-up” preen of the day on shore, or just beginning to get serious about a good night’s sleep. All was quiet on the western front…..but wait! What was that?? There it was again, and then again – that unmistakable gentle little “whoop” and a sigh, whoop and sigh as our love-birds, Tristan and Isolde stood on the very edge of the shore, in the motions of their courting Swan Dance - with even greater enthusiasm than usual!

Talk about throwing yourself into your activities! These kids were seriously boogeying and kept the band playing for at least ten minutes, with only a brief few seconds now and then to catch their breath before they eventually returned to the water, where they carried on a little more sweet-talk before retiring for the night.

Apologies for the slight blurring: Our swan couple were really moving at this point!