Swans Through the Seasons

King and Queen for an Hour
Sub Title:Tristan and Isolde in Precious’ Kingdom

Lost Lagoon is basking beneath the bright sun on this January day, and the swans have lost no time in making the most of it to venture to all their favourite corners, from one end of the lake to the other.

Youngsters and adults alike were cruising contentedly, preening, or dozing in the early afternoon.

I had almost circled the lagoon and reached the pond at the northeast end, automatically looking for Precious-the-King and his mate in their Special Spot. All the swans seem to understand – this pond is sacred territory next to Precious and Marlika’s nesting site in the springtime, and “trespassers will be prosecuted!” (chased, pecked, beaten-up and anything else an outraged Precious can manage).

Ah yes, there’s the King and Queen – just around the corner, enjoying a tug at the bit of grass showing green through the stones. Whoa! That’s NOT the regal couple! WHO has the nerve to invade their personal space? Why, it’s our love-birds, Tristan and Isolde – totally casual, making themselves completely at home.

The youngsters will be building their first nest this spring and just might be scouting for good spots. Sorry, kids, this will definitely NOT be one of them – Precious is bound to set things straight when he gets back from his afternoon exercise!

What a Nice New Spot!