Swans Through the Seasons

"Iced" Swans on Lost Lagoon
Sub Title:Passing the Time on a Winter Day

The recent cold (for Vancouver) Winter days have seen thin ice form on much of Lost Lagoon, but happily, for the moment, there are open areas of clear water so our swans are managing. Precious and his mate are at one end of the lagoon, with Mama and Papa Swan at the other, leaving 9 of the 13 swans in the central section of the north side.

“Managing” means they have room to swim, drink and eat but……there’s not a whole lot for a perky swan to do in a confined area. Once basic eating and drinking needs are met, there’s the rest of the day open…what to do? Why, if you’re a male (and 7 of the 9 are) you fill the hours with chasing, pecking, biting, and even the odd “wing-ding.” It’s mostly haphazard, but when Tristan’s not busy making hearts with Isolde, he joins Genghis Swan in pursuing our elder, Boy; happily, the younger swans lose interest as soon as someone lower in the pecking order approaches, and at last, Boy can enjoy a little quiet time on his own!

One of Boy’s favourite pastimes is gliding across the water, with one foot tossed up on his back or, as Ziggy, our Wildlife Technician calls it, “Doing His Yoga Thing.”