Swans Through the Seasons

Swans' Winter Workout
Sub Title:or....Skid-marks on the Water

With the recent ice now melted, Lost Lagoon’s 13 swans are getting a fine workout now that they have more room to travel; they might not be getting all this exercise if it weren’t for Precious-the-King, tearing after whoever is closest, wings unfurled, skimming the water in full-sail. Oh, he’s a happy swan as he pursues one, two or more at a time. He rarely catches up to them, but he’s content to have reminded them who’s the “Greatest!”

Swans enjoy coming up to rest and preen on land, at the edge of the water, and Mama and Papa Swan are no exception as they happily march along the edge of the road, then settle down for a pleasant time, “chatting” to each other as they relax. Precious, a master of innovation, has discovered a new kind of fun to add to his bag of tricks: When other swans on shore show signs of wanting to return to the water…..he cruises back and forth in front of them, they take one look, think, “Oh no – I’m not sticking MY neck out!” and hover on land, hoping that maybe…just maybe, Precious will be momentarily distracted until they can sneak back in.

There’s Precious on the right side of the picture below, enthusiastically chasing another swan. Fortunately, for Mama and Papa Swan standing on the path, he just might keep right on going, giving them time to make it back in before he returns and notices them – they’re mulling over that possibility.

“What do you think? Shall we take a chance and dive in?