Swans Through the Seasons

Lost Lagoon Swan Injured - Part 2
Sub Title:Tristan Cared for and Treated

On Tristan’s arrival at the Night Owl Bird Hospital, Dr. McDonald found he had a laceration on his left foot, deep enough to go right into the bone. He had evidently stepped on something very sharp and penetrating, in the water.

Although we don’t know the actual item responsible, Lost Lagoon waters along the shores are littered with broken bottles and cans thrown in by a few uncaring people. These are a great hazard to all the waterfowl wading along the shores, and in Tristan’s case, would have meant his death if he had not received treatment as soon as he did. A day more could have been too late - in the short time between injury and his rescue, infection had set in, and will mean about two months’ rehabilitation after release from the hospital, before he can be returned to the Lagoon.

He is currently under the expert care of Dr. McDonald and her staff, having been put on antibiotics and the wound treated.- now he’s in “recovery mode."

We were given special permission to pay Tristan a visit today to say “hello!” and wish him “speedy recovery” as he rested in his special spot on the treatment floor.

We are happy to share this picture taken during our visit, of our Tristan (the other half of our “Love-Birds” Tristan and Isolde. Because of his injury, he will miss this year’s nesting season – it would have been their first.

Tristan in his cozy "swan nest" being looked after in the Night Owl Bird Hospital