Swans Through the Seasons

The Swans of Lost Lagoon......
Sub Title:......where size doesn't matter!

Among the waterfowl at Lost Lagoon, the Mute Swan is by far the largest, and by contrast, the smallest is the pretty little American Coot.

Coots aren’t afraid to hang around swans in the water because they can count on speed and agility to avoid the occasional annoyed peck from a swan but on shore, the little birds keep a healthy distance …… except for one who’s become a Swan Groupie! There he is, on any given day, following closely or lingering nearby, waiting to see what new adventures might be in store.

Is he the daredevil of his crowd? Is it a Fatal Attraction?

Emboldened by his success to date (he’s still in one piece) he went the distance today. As Precious-the-King of Lost Lagoon paused on shore to preen, there was the coot, lying down at ease under the swan’s tail. There’s nothing like a bit of shade while you’re busy checking out any tasty morsels that just might be in the vicinity.

He doesn’t seem to be the least bit worried about possible “fallout” does he!