Swans Through the Seasons

Swans: Fair-Weather Friends?
Sub Title:A Springtime Surprise

Our occasional sunshine is bringing out all the spring instincts in our swans, in spite of it still being cold. Precious and Marika can be found in the wetlands more often, looking at their old nest site. Mama and Papa Swan are closer together, although not actually nest-building yet and even the youngsters have been “making hearts” from time to time.

With 3 pairs already mated and only 1 female among the remaining 7 swans, things get pretty hectic. The experts say that it’s not uncommon for swans with no mate to end up pairing with whomever’s left, but I got a surprise today, because of the unlikely combination of… Boy, our venerable 17-year-old swan (whose mate Marika was stolen by Precious-the-King back in 2005) and……yes, you heard it here first.....Genghis Swan! Genghis, the little feathered terror who lives to chase any swan within reach except Precious!

There were the two of them, at the east end of the lagoon, chatting happily away to each other, in one of Boy's favourite spots. There was no “serenade” such as you hear in the courting ritual, but there was no doubt they were enjoying each other’s company!

Will You Be My Friend?