Swans Through the Seasons

Springtime Swan Adventures – Part 2
Sub Title:“Boy” Loses A Bit of Dignity to Precious!

Boy, who’s in fine feather these days and loves to sail around the lagoon - sedate and stately – detests having to hurry along ahead of feisty Precious whose sole objective is to latch onto a few tail feathers. Today’s indignity clearly outraged him, and he swerved toward shore so he could dash up the embankment to where I stood.

He arrived completely disheveled, fluffed up to twice his size, and stood beside me while his wings took on a life of their own, alternately twitching so fast I thought he really might lift off at any moment in spite of being pinioned! He seemed to want them to settle, but didn’t know how to achieve his goal – it took about half an hour to calm him down, and in the end, he recovered his dignity and tucked his bill under a wing for a siesta, and appropriate admiration from passers-by.

If you’ve never seen an irate senior swan whose dignity has been upset, here’s the URL to a little video I made on his arrival on shore.


Watch his wings!

Putting Himself Back Together – Where To Begin?!