Swans Through the Seasons

Springtime Swan Adventures – Part I
Sub Title:Precious Takes on the Fleet!

A pleasant spring day saw the swans scattered peacefully across the lagoon, with the 4 “teddies” pairing off in friendly twosomes!

Peacefully, did I say? The illusion ended after 2 or 3 minutes’ observation when Precious… the KING … sailed into view, gleefully chasing every swan within reach. When he wasn’t busy speeding after one or another of the youngsters, his pretty mate was doing the same thing on the other side of the group!

“Why aren’t you busy with your NEST?!” I hollered from the shore while they ignored me completely.

Before long, our venerable 17-year old Boy came along while Precious was further out but alas! he wasn’t fast enough to escape and Precious managed to catch up to him just long enough to nip the dignified old swan in the rear.

The saga continues in “Part 2” below

Ah, life is GOOD when you’re the King!