Swans Through the Seasons

First Nesting Swans at Lost Lagoon – Part 2
Sub Title:Swan-Egg Rustlers Around the Lagoon

Now that all is ready, and both Mama and Papa take turns sitting. But there’s something missing from the nest. Eggs!

We have had reports that so far, poor Mama Swan has laid TWO eggs – both of which have been taken by marauding raccoons who hang around the nest area, hoping. One man actually saw the animal making off with her egg.

Although we can protect her with surrounding mesh against dangers from people and dogs, there’s unfortunately nothing much one can do about the raccoon factor. Swans don’t begin to sit full-time until the complete clutch of eggs has been laid. They normally cover the interim eggs when they leave the nest area and “hope for the best.” Once all the eggs are there, one or the other of the mates is present to guard them. It’s in the in-between time they have to be extra vigilant.

So far, Papa Swan has been much more attentive than in the past (when we used to call him our “deadbeat dad!”) In spite of his efforts, the raccoons won this round. Mama spotted one of the furry bandits nearby yesterday, and reared up with wings spread wide, hissing, frightening the animal enough so he tore out of the bushes and down the road, so we’re HOPING she can get ahead of the game and keep at least some of her hard-won cache!

Once things were quiet again, Mama settled in for a nap, to enjoy the fruits of her labour!