Swans Through the Seasons

First Nesting Swans at Lost Lagoon – Part 1
Sub Title:Building the Nest – a Team Project

A special THANK YOU to the Parks Department Foreman and Staff for having cleared the old 2003 swan nest-site at winter’s end, so Mama and Papa Swan could have a much better location than in past years.

And the same goes to Wildlife Technician Ziggy and volunteer Stephen for their hard work on the protective mesh to ensure the swans’ safety.

Meanwhile, Mama and Papa Swan have been working like beavers together on their nest, and what fun to watch them taking turns to try out the hollow in the centre, until it’s a perfect fit. Two days ago, they worked so hard pulling grasses and finer materials to soften the nest, they had to take a rest-break. There they were, stretched out, side-by-side, still plucking choice bits to weave into the nest, but from a much easier vantage point, all the while chatting quietly to each other in perfect contentment.

Oh, but swan nesting at Lost Lagoon is never total bliss – see Part 2 below

Mama and Papa Swan, Lying Down on the Job