Swans Through the Seasons

Nesting Swans at Lost Lagoon
Sub Title:Mama Swan Has an Egg!

Mama Swan is working hard to out-pace the rapacious raccoons who ate her first two eggs, and has produced a brand new one that we saw nestled in the little hollow she and Papa Swan fashioned so carefully earlier this week. The egg is partially covered, and they do leave the nest from time to time, but they’re never far away, and today, at the first rustle in the bushes, Mama was back to protect her treasure. I am happy to report that Papa is being quite attentive this year, and when I left the site this evening, he was sitting with real determination on “the family jewel.”

Let’s hope they can stay ahead of the furry bandits!

Mama Swan: Guardian of The Egg (peeking out from covering, near the loose feather)