Swans Through the Seasons

Nesting Swans at Lost Lagoon
Sub Title:Papa Swan Proudly Guards Two Eggs

Mama Swan has produced another egg and the couple appears to be on guard 24/7 this time, to prevent the raccoon robbery that happened with the first two.

Mama’s still enjoying time to swim and nibble in the lagoon before sitting in earnest, once all her eggs have been laid – in the meantime, Papa's doing a fine job of remaining on or by the nest. He keeps an eye out all ‘round, as he’s doing in the picture below, and then returns to sit on the eggs while Mama’s away, usually combining his duty with a siesta.

Our other pair of nesting swans Precious and Marika haven’t started anything serious yet – it’s either because the weather's still unusually cold for Vancouver(i.e. a dusting of snow overnight!) or because they’re having far too much fun chasing all the other swans around the lagoon, working up a fine appetite.

Papa Swan Guarding the Eggs