Swans Through the Seasons

Swan Nesting News - the Royal Couple
Sub Title:A New Love-Nest for the King and Queen

The fuss! The attention! The crowds! The paparazzi! Oh, the burden of being royalty these days! Yes, the King and Queen of Lost Lagoon, Precious and his mate, were used to being the centre of attraction each nesting season – especially when Precious held court and granted audiences right in the middle of the road that encircles the wetlands where the nest is built. In previous years, the nest was always centrally located and in full view from the roadside.

This year, our regal pair has become camera-shy, seeking their privacy by building a brand new love-nest toward the far side of the wetlands where they’re almost – but not quite – hidden from view.

When you’re snow-white and large, it’s pretty hard to disappear, even among the dry reeds and grasses of the wetlands, and around the middle of last week, I noticed a flash of a long neck – actually two long necks, in the new spot, so kept an eye on it the next few days.

Slowly the nest increased in height and size, and now more often than not, His Majesty can be seen seated in royal splendour while his mate still sails the waterways, or returns to help continue the construction.

Periscope Up! His Majesty on the Throne