Swans Through the Seasons

Swan Nesting Update
Sub Title:Mama Swan's "Nest-Egg(s)"

Mama Swan added yet another egg to her treasury, and you can hear Papa far and wide as he swims back and forth, calling his four signature SNORTS, rearing up on his tail and stretching his wings wide on either side (known as a “triumph”). If you didn’t know better, you might think HE had laid the eggs!

We’re not sure if she’s deposited her entire 2008 inventory, or if she just might have one more egg to go. As it stands, she would have had 7 eggs (the current 5 and the first 2 that were eaten by raccoons).

She and Papa are ever vigilant over those precious eggs. Of course, time passes slowly when you’re nest-sitting, with choices among preening, refining the nest, or when all else fails, there’s always the nest-nap.

And, at the other end of the lagoon, Precious and his mate have NOT yet committed to nesting in either of their two sites! Each time we think they’ve started, they return to the lagoon to look for other swans to chase. We’ll keep you posted!

Here’s a candid shot of Mama Swan taken today, enjoying a good scratch at her ear. Swans scratch their ears exactly as a cat or dog does!