Swans Through the Seasons

The Afternoon of a Swan
Sub Title:Domestic Bliss on the Nest

The sun warmed the air, a red-winged blackbird chirped his song nearby and black-capped chickadees flitted in the bushes beside Mama and Papa Swan’s nest.

Papa was seated firmly on the 5 eggs while Mama enjoyed a long break to go off exploring the lagoon at leisure. You could tell it was Papa by the long, straight neck and alert look as he surveyed his surroundings. Although he’s perfecting his technique day by day, he never looks quite as comfortable as Mama does when she’s settled into her hollow.

In time, Mama returned to the nest, and the two enjoyed total contentment as she preened for a while, and Papa continued to sit while extending his neck for more twigs and grasses to add to the fine structure they’ve created.

Their bliss (and ours!) was capped just before they changed places, when Papa stood up and the two serenaded each other, lifting their heads In harmony and a demonstration of their unity - a moment in time that made the day perfect.

Lovers Serenade (Papa Swan is still on the nest, and Mama facing him)