Swans Through the Seasons

Tristan Returns to Lost Lagoon!
Sub Title:A Big Day For Us All

Wildlife Technician Ziggy arrived just after 10:00 a.m. with Tristan tucked safely in the van. She opened the back door, and there he was – a very healthy, plump (yes - he even gained a little weight while in her care!) young Mute Swan. Young, yes – but certainly not mute! She picked up the feisty fellow who hollered in typical response – this gave a good opportunity to see his leg at close quarters, and the fine healing that has taken place, thanks for both Dr. McDonald who treated him and Ziggy who cared for him the last 2 months.

Here’s our vision of The Great Homecoming
Ziggy would pick Tristan up, as he softly bleated his gratitude for all the TLC during his rehab, and gently place him into the water where he’d happily swim until he sighted his much-longed-for mate, Isolde. We’d stand on the shore, watching in delight as the two reunited at last, swimming together, and “making a heart.” Ah, the romance of it all!

Here’s reality!
Ziggy proceeded from the van, firmly holding the energetic young swan who, in addition to hollering, was kicking up a storm, feet pedaling double-time. She bent to place him in the water, and he hurled himself in with such force he almost did a “swan dive” downward! He then tore through the water like a streak until he reached the centre of the lagoon before turning to check out his surroundings.

One of the “teddies” joined him, and they swam together – not a sign of Isolde as yet. The younger swan left Tristan’s side – and then…….he went MAD! He twisted, flapped, did belly flops, dived, reared up on his tail and spread his wings in joyous triumph at contact with open water.

He was still at it when we eventually left, clearly very much at home in his lagoon once again.

He and Isolde will discover each other, and we have no doubt, there will be “hearts” to follow. We’ll keep you posted!

Joyous Return to the Water