Swans Through the Seasons

Tristan’s Return to the Lagoon – Day 3
Sub Title:A Swan Affair – Just a Passing Fling?

Oh, to know what they’re thinking….!

This is Tristan’s 3rd day back at the lagoon following his 2½-month rehab, during which he was away from his mate, Isolde. Now that he’s returned and once again accepted by the other swans, we’re hopeful the two will reunite.

This morning, Tristan was quietly gliding over the water to the area near Nature House, watching Isolde dipping and splashing in the water. She was carrying on in grand style, when one of the 2-year-old swans (a.k.a. “the teddies”) joined her.

She continued an amazing display of gymnastics, as the little youngster drew closer, and the two twined their necks in the courting dance! Tristan floated a little way off, just watching the show. And it WAS a show – with Isolde taking the lead, even standing up on her tail in a triumph! The young swan then left, and Isolde moved closer to the shore, again making a show of preening and splashing in the water.

Who could resist filming such a performance? Here’s the URL to see the video (Isolde’s on the right in the opening scene – just watch that girl go!)


Has Isolde turned into Lost Lagoon’s own “Mrs. Robinson” or was all this for Tristan’s benefit? Will our love-birds get back together again? As I lingered on the shore, Tristan floated nearby, eventually drawing a little closer and the two swans eyed each other without making a move to approach. Maybe in time…… we’re all hoping!

Tristan (lower left) swimming back and forth, watching Isolde near the shore