Swans Through the Seasons

S'wan-derful! Tristan and Isolde’s Good News
Sub Title:Lost Lagoon’s Lovebirds Together Again!

Along the shore by Nature House, 5 swans floated contentedly, necks disappearing into the water to seek out tasty morsels from the lagoon. Heads periodically came up for air, revealing 3 lighter orange bills of the younger birds, and then 2 deep-toned bills of adults.

Wait! Genghis Swan was back on the south shore and all the other adults elsewhere. Are these two Tristan and Isolde? Together again?

I almost held my breath, walked closer, watched for a few minutes – and was rewarded by the happy sight of the two drawing close in the water and almost-making-a-heart. Things are looking up - even Tristan’s tail is resuming its perky look!

They're Back as a Couple!