Swans Through the Seasons

Nesting (and not) Swans
Sub Title:The Young and the Restless …and others!

Mama and Papa Swan are still the proud guardians of 5 beautiful eggs, enjoying their sense of security in contented companionship behind the mesh. Talk about teamwork! Today I watched a raccoon sidle towards the nest across the little “moat” that surrounds the nest on the left. Softly, softly he eased over the rocks drawing nearer to the nest with each passing moment.

Mama Swan was in siesta-mode, with her bill tucked under a wing. She suddenly raised her head, looked in the direction of the sneak thief, and let out a very loud HISSSSS! Papa Swan magically appeared like a flash, heading directly for the raccoon, who took one look and tore out of there across the path to safer pursuits! By the time I looked back to the nest, Mama was once again tucked in for the rest of her nap, and Papa floated alongside preening, with what I’d swear was a very smug look!

Meanwhile….at the other end of the lagoon, King and Queen Precious and Marika are NOT nesting! That is, Precious can often be seen sitting on one of the 3 tentative nests they made, but not his mate. She’s out in the lagoon, chasing other swans and having a fine old time. This is the great mystery of 2008. Have they switched roles?

And as for the young….Tristan’s continuing to enjoy his return to the lagoon and his mate Isolde – he’s looking every inch the fine young cob, although it’s too late for them to nest this year.

Our Bijan is getting VERY friendly with one of the little Ambleside ‘teddies.’ Visitors around the lagoon at lunch-time don’t need to listen for the noon whistle from Canada Place – they can almost count on hearing Bijan and his love-interest calling to each other with the special sound courting swans make. When he isn’t thus occupied, he enjoys performing his very own sail-past. That is, when Genghis Swan isn’t chasing him and the other youngsters!

Bijan’s Sail-Past on a Fine Day at the Lagoon