Swans Through the Seasons

While a few steps away......
Sub Title:A heron also waits patiently

One of the Great Blue Herons that frequent the lagoon seems to enjoy being right next to Mama and Papa Swans’ nest. He spends hours perched at the water’s edge, maybe hoping a suitable-sized fish might swim by. There’s never a shortage of herons around the lagoon, and they often remain close to shore because they’re used to people. Still, you never can tell when a heron’s about to take off – it just happens, in a split second.

Any plans to photograph one in flight are usually foiled because it seems no matter how quickly you hit the shutter button, the bird’s well out of range by the time the camera reacts, and you have a fine frame full of …. nothing!

Today, I edged slowly up to Mr. Heron, and with a stroke of luck, pressed the shutter seconds before he decided he didn’t like me sneaking up on him! Of course, he hadn’t leveled off so his landing gear wasn’t raised, but…..

What a pair of legs!