Swans Through the Seasons

Swan Senior in Fine Feather
Sub Title:......for now

With molting season getting under way, its a frayed fleet of swans that cross the waters of Lost Lagoon these days. Even the King and Queen Precious and Marika are slightly tattered.

The only one whos still in fine feather is our venerable old swan Boy. Hes proud as could be as he glides along unless Genghis Swan or Precious might be near enough for a chase! Boy is a dignified fellow, and takes great pride in maintaining his stately demeanor. Hes NOT AMUSED when he has to hurry along to escape a nip in the rear!

Hes developed a routine over the last 3 years, of patiently waiting in one of his 4 favorite spots around the lagoon, for the daily dose of meds that help his arthritis.

Along with the medicine, being told how gorgeous and what a special swan he is, seems just as important, and he fluffs up to his full classic-swan stature, with an occasional snort to reinforce his approval.

Boy, Dressed in His Best