Swans Through the Seasons

Summer Swans
Sub Title:Help! Extreme Makeover Needed

It’s early summer and most of the Lost Lagoon swans are slipping into their just-kick-back-and-relax look, but some take that fashion much farther than others.

First, it’s the season when they root around in the water for aquatic grasses, roots and other nourishing things they like to pull up. Lots of nosing around the bottom of the shallow parts of the lake. Brown heads. Ring-around-the-collar. Another ring of questionable origin around their waterline.

Second, it’s goodbye to old feathers and (oh please) hello to a fine new coat - but that won’t happen until Fall.

In the meantime… well, they say a picture’s worth a thousand words – and here’s our Precious in all his tattered finest – it’s hard to assert his royal supremacy when the King’s Wings look like this!