Latest Swan News at the Lagoon

Tristan won't return before almost 2 weeks
Date: 17 April 2008

Just spoke to Ziggy who told me that she took Tristan to Dr McDonald (Tristan's vet) today as planned.

There is still a little dip in his foot, where the wound was, that is not covered with skin yet. Dr McDonald does not want Tristan released at the Lagoon before this little dip is fully covered because of the serious danger of infection.

As we know, the water of Lost Lagoon is not clear and any open wound, even if very small, in contact with that water would most likely immediately start an infection.

So, two more weeks, almost, before the next appointment with Dr McDonald. Hopefully by that time, his wound will be totally covered with skin and he will be ready to be released at the Lagoon.

I can imagine how much he would like to be at the Lagoon on beautiful Spring days like today. Mostly that his mate Isolde is waiting for him. Ziggy tells me that Isolde has not paired up with any other swan.


Tristan was injured on February 14, more than 2 months ago. A very sharp object cut the top of his foot, to the bone. Since, has has received A LOT of care from Ziggy (changing his dressings, giving antibiotics, feeding, monitoring, cleaning his bath and his room), and from Dr McDonald who has seen him at least 5 times since his injury. If he had not been seen bleeding by a volunteer after his foot was cut, and then taken to the bird hospital, he would have died of infection within a few days. He was saved by the vigilance of his friend and the dedication of Ziggy and Dr McDonald.

For the new visitors to this site, Ziggy is the dedicated Wild Life Technician in charge of the swans at the Lagoon.