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It is confirmed: Boy purrs (like a cat?)
By:The Observer
Date: 22 August 2006

Yesterday morning.... Boy purred! It was very quiet down there, and you could actually hear a sound coming from him like a very soft little motor in his neck. In case I was imagining it, I bent right down with my ear as close as possible, and sure enough, it went on for 2-3 minutes. You could see the knob over his bill vibrating from the low-frequency sound.

I still could hardly believe my ears - you know how a cat's purr comes in little bursts.... it's not like that - it's a continuous gentle throbbing, which of course makes you wonder how they do it

I've only noticed it in Precious, and even then, didn't actually hear anything - just felt the vibration in his neck. With Precious, it was after a friendly little 'arm-wrestle'

Boy had just finished nibbling my shoe and pulling on the lace to untie it, then stood still looking at me -- and purring!

I would just love to know what it REALLY means when they do that. Maybe they're like cats, and purr for different reasons. Aren't animals amazing?!