Latest Swan News at the Lagoon

Flat as a pancake, motionless, being tossed on top of the waves
By:The Observer
Date: 4 November 2007

Yesterday, I started to walk along the shore to where Papa Swan was, when I noticed a swan away off, flat as a pancake, motionless, being tossed on top of the waves in the water (a wind was blowing).

I stared and stared, and thought, "Oh my gosh, which one IS it?" because I had previously counted 12 swans plus Papa - we have 13 swans at the Lagoon. Who on earth could it be - after all, they had only been along the shore minutes before.

What happened? Is he/she sick?

Oh no! No binoculars! I always manage to forget one thing each day.... and that was it this time. Fly home at 60 kph, tear upstairs, get binoculars, rush back down so I could have a decent look and decide if there was a problem. Stand on the shore with heart beating a mile-a-minute.... stare hard. Watch the still-motionless pancake bobbing up and down on the waves.......and...... what's that?

The tail began to twitch.

And maybe 2 minutes later, up came the head!

AAAAHHHHHH - sigh of relief.

Who'd believe it - he/she was just totally enjoying being rocked to sleep by the motion of the water!

I still don't know which one it was for sure. Meantime, the others were all lined up in front of me... "Hey! Are we gonna have a meal?" I knew I could go home happy then!