Latest Swan News at the Lagoon

swans and off leash dogs
Date: 6 January 2008

I just read the report of off-leash dogs having killed a few swans from the lagoon. Personally, I think a law should be enacted prohibiting off-leash dogs in the park. Also, owners of these dogs should be made responsible for any harm to the swans.

I am a dog owner. I have had different breeds of dogs my whole life, but there is such a thing as responsible dog ownership. In the state where I live, off leash dogs are prohibited. This has stopped a lot of would-be dog attacks against human animals and children.

But, unfortunately, some people still insist on letting their large dogs off leash in public parks where it is against the law. Just three weeks ago, my husband, son and I were at a local park and playground. We had our 4 year old cocker on a leash and we were holding the hand of our three year old son walking through a grassy area. A woman had her large dog off-leash. Though she saw us, she threw her dogs toy ball towards where we were standing. Her dog attacked my dog. I literally threw myself into the middle of this dog fight while my husband ushered my three year old to safety. I separated the dogs and scolded the larger dog that was off leash. The owner of this dog barely raised an eyebrow or apologized to us. She pretty much ignored the situation. We left the park promtply, but I had an incredible amount of anger welling up in me. It took everything I had to keep my fascade of civilized human being and leave quietly with my dog and family.

So, knowing dogs and having personally experienced what dogs can do, I say keep them on leashes. And for those of you humans who like to go to the swan lagoon and have your dogs round up the swans, I just want to say that you are very lame indeed and should be banned from the park.