Latest Swan News at the Lagoon

Peace and War at the Lagoon
By:The Observer
Date: 7 January 2008

The fleet were all peaceful today! Now, the day before, they had been all at war - Precious was just dying to man-handle someone (swan-handle?) - and at one point, he made a mad dash after Papa Swan who had come over to join Mama. Papa made an impressive scramble up the slope.

Then, along came Boy - and the chase was on again. Boy also came hurrying up the slope, just one feather ahead of Precious and whew! he found himself standing right next to Papa Swan! There was a slight reach of a neck to peck, but they clearly realized they were better off together than separate in this case! There they stood, necks almost side by side, looking straight at in, "Well - protect us!"

I explained to Precious that he didn't need to come up again, to which he replied (yes, I know that's what he was thinking ...."Just you wait! They've gotta come back to the water some time!" and he sat there, all ruffled up, warrior-king, waiting to vanquish these two upstarts. Half an hour later, there was Precious, still sitting! It was almost 5 pm and I wanted to head for home. How to get these 2 back into the water? I walked further along the shore, calling him as I went. He just stared at first, but then slowly, ever so slowly, began to move in my direction. And before you knew it, I heard SPLASH, and saw Boy hit the water, with Papa Swan almost directly behind. Precious turned and began to head back toward them, but it was too late! They had both made a clean getaway!

Today, however, they were all at peace. And, around 3 pm, several were nibbling, Papa and Mama had eaten, had a good preen, then went over to the other side of the tree, and both tucked bills under a wing and went sound asleep.

Tristan and Isolde were among those nibbling, and stopped every 5 minutes or so to "serenade" each other, and entwine necks. Bijan was on the near side by the water, also with bill tucked under his wing, asleep.

It had to be one of the best quiet moments, and in spite of maniac ducks, I sneaked around the tree just long enough to capture a picture of Mama and Papa Swan together (picture below), having their little siesta. They really seem to enjoy being around the others - they like to be kept separate to eat, but close enough to see all the activity. Then they settle down to preen before having their siesta. I guess it's one of the few times when they know they won't be bugged by raccoons or ducks. They look so content together - they're not "into" the hot romance of Tristan and Isolde, but you can tell they're happy in each other's company. I never tire of watching them.

Papa Swan and Mama Swan at Siesta Time